Guest blogger Daniela: Exam Scheduled!

Daniela resides in the great state of Pennsylvania. She begins her CPA Exam journey with the perspective of a Masters in Accountancy and a new job as a Tax Staff Accountant with a top 100 accounting firm. She’s beginning with FAR and we know she’ll go far!

I’m one step closer to taking the CPA Exam because today I finally scheduled!  I was glad to find out that the scheduling process is quite user friendly.  The link to the Prometric site is located right on the Notice to Schedule which is convenient because you will need information from it to schedule.  The site asks you for the Exam Section ID which is the 7 digit number that is next to the section that you would like to sit for.  If you paid for multiple sections, make sure that you use the right ID number!

The site allows you to search for a testing center near you.  I’m lucky enough to have two testing centers within 25 miles from me.  Before scheduling I asked coworkers which testing center that they used in order to decide which center to go to myself.  After choosing a location you are able to see the days that have available testing time slots for a three month period on convenient calendars.  When you click on a date that is not grayed out, you will then see which time slots are available for that day.  I have chosen to take my test on Monday, January 28th at 12:30 pm.  There was also a slot for 8:00 am on that day but I am not a morning person just ask anyone.  I chose a Monday so I can study all weekend.  I may even take the Friday before the test off of work for extra studying time. 

Next, Prometric asks for a little more personal information like your email address, review the information and you are done.  It was very simple to schedule the exam.  If only the exam itself were that easy!

With just over 40 days left to study, I am really starting to feel the pressure.  Several of my coworkers have recently scored in the low 70s and high 60s but they don’t have Roger.

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