Guest Blogger Daniela: Two Week Eek!

Daniela resides in the great state of Pennsylvania. She begins her CPA Exam journey with the perspective of a Masters in Accountancy and a new job as a Tax Staff Accountant with a top 100 accounting firm. She’s beginning with FAR and we know she’ll go far!

I’m exhausted!  I have never studied more, in my entire life, than I studied last weekend.  I put in almost 30 hours of videos, notes and homework problems.  It was a non stop eat, sleep and study with Roger CPA Review all weekend long.  I swear that I have learned more in the last two months than in my entire college education about financial accounting and reporting. 

I only have two full weekends left to study before I take my first section of the CPA Exam.  Since this will be my fist time, I decided to rewatch the course introduction because it has been awhile since I watched it.  Watching the introduction video again was a nice reminder of the 14 hour adventure ahead of me.  The video also has some good tips about what to wear to the exam, what to bring to the exam and what not to bring.  I highly recommend that first timers rewatch the introduction video closer to test time because it also makes more sense the second time through with a little more knowledge under your belt. 

After watching the video, my game plan for testing day is to arrive at least thirty minutes early to the exam perhaps even earlier because you never know how the traffic will be.  That’s another reason that I decided to take my exam at noon, because I figured morning traffic would be much worse.  I’ll make sure that I wear something warm (but not too warm) to the exam because I am usually cold.  I also won’t wear any excessive jewelery hats or visors.  To try to avoid problems, I will only bring the necessities into the testing facility with me: NTS, IDs and keys (I hope I’m not forgetting anything).   

Two more weeks to study wish me luck!

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