Guest Blogger Megan: Baby Steps

Megan shares with us the trials and triumphs of CPA Exam preparation, all from the perspective of a non-accounting major. She currently resides in Pennsylvania, and is loving Roger CPA Review’s acclaimed review course to prepare for the BEC Exam.

Do you remember when Austin Powers lost his mojo? Has this ever happened to you? For instance, have you ever taken a few days off from the gym and realized you’re suddenly out of shape? Have you ever put down a book and realized too much time has passed to remember where you left off? Have you taken time off from studying only to feel like its a huge burden to make yourself sit and cover CPA material for hours each day? This is one of those times where I’m trying to get my mojo back.

I actually took some time off from the gym AND studying after I passed my REG exam. I think I was excited to finally get some sleep and see my friends and family. The rest period is over now and its time to get back to this business of becoming a CPA (and back in shape)! I have noticed with both habits, I’m fighting to get back into a balanced, fruitful rhythm.How do you bring yourself to stay dedicated and motivated to your goals?

For me, there are two important strategies. First, plan your time accordingly. Don’t leave the study time to when I feel like it. Create yourself a schedule by designating your study days on a calendar. What I like to do is simply adjust the suggested study planner that comes with my review course. In my opinion, the suggested study planner is one of the most beneficial tools provided by Roger CPA Review, because it links the topics you will study and the amount of time you should allot to each session. I adapt it around personal and work obligations to come up with a reasonable exam date as well as my plan to be ready by that date.

As for the second strategy, let me tell you about last weekend. My boyfriend and I decided to kick start my new exercise routine with a jog around town. The route was familiar to him, but new to me. In the middle of our jog, he stopped at the bottom of a tall set of stairs and said, Follow me. As he started up the stairs, I decided to trust his intentions and my own abilities. Up I went. Step by step until I got to the top of the stairs- or so I thought! I looked to the right and saw a short path that led to more stairs which then turned left and led to more stairs. Gulp. I decided not to think about the work that lay ahead. I dropped my head and focused on each step as I came upon it.

Just like any new path you begin in life, you have to believe in your abilities and set goals for yourself along the way. To anyone studying for the CPA exam, don’t be intimidated by the tall stairs ahead, just take it one step at a time.

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