Guest blogger Megan: Batter Up

Megan shares with us the trials and triumphs of CPA Exam preparation, all from the perspective of a non-accounting major. She currently resides in Pennsylvania, and is loving Roger CPA Review’s acclaimed review course to prepare for the BEC Exam.

If the CPA Exam journey were compared to a baseball season, one would likely say I’m close to winning- no, EARNING the pennant. I am just a few short weeks away from taking my fourth CPA exam, BEC. As many people are celebrating the beginning of baseball season, I am looking forward to my studying season winding down after many months of practice and high performance.

Its been nearly ten months since I purchased Roger CPA Review, and began this journey to the World Series of CPA candidacy. I’m feeling the toll of operating at this high efficiency for so long. Thankfully, I have some big plans following the exam that are keeping me motivated to push through. Notice I said my plans were motivating. Not distracting. Being this close to the last inning of a big game, there is an eager excitement to reach the end, and I must remind myself to keep my eye on the ball.

That being said, tonight I watched the last lesson of BEC. I will review the notes and finish the remaining homework assignment tomorrow in between work and an optometry appointment from which I am hoping to be able to see thereafter. As if time constraints were not enough to contend with, throw in blurred vision! The obligations of life can sometimes overshadow long term goals or simply individual study plans.

It is very important to stay focused and keep yourself from allowing obstacles to stand between you and your dreams. If Curt Schilling can pitch the Red Sox to victory with an injured ankle in a bloody sock, I can surely handle some project management multiple choice questions with tired, dilated eyes! Alright, that’s hardly a fair comparison. Can you tell I’m a Boston fan?

The reason I am so devoted to finishing this last section as soon as possible (besides the obvious desire to be done!) is because my Roger CPA Review CRAM Course is almost here. UPS will be delivering it any day now. The CRAM course is my final review before I sit for the exam. Since receiving my first exam score, I’ve learned to trust the results of my preparation process. The CRAM course is an integral step to my success. I feel that it helps information stay fresh in my mind on test day and heightens my confidence.

Anyone planning to study this weekend, rest assured you are not alone! I will be cramming all weekend with Roger to hopefully boost my BEC score above 75 the following weekend. Thanks to the best CPA exam coach in the industry, Ill be ready when its time to Batter Up!

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