Guest Blogger Megan: CPA Preparation for any Background

Megan shares with us the trials and triumphs of CPA Exam preparation, all from the perspective of a non-accounting major. She currently resides in Pennsylvania, and is loving Roger CPA Review’s acclaimed review course to prepare for the BEC Exam.

Since I began studying for the CPA exam using Roger CPA Review, I think I’ve learned more about accounting from Roger than I learned from my professors in college. Unlike most CPA candidates, I did not receive my degree in accounting. I took the minimal accounting courses required for my business degree then returned to school after a few years of working to earn the required number of credits to qualify for my CPA license.

I remember worrying whether or not my college courses had prepared me for the road ahead. What if my path less traveled approach put me at a disadvantage? Some of the courses I took online didn’t seem to cover the same amount of material as in-class courses. What if I hadn’t learned enough to succeed?Regardless of background, if anyone asked me today how to learn the mountains of material tested on the CPA exam or how to gain the confidence that you are prepared to pass, Id have one answer: Roger CPA Review.

From the first day of studying, I learned that passing is a function of discipline and the right tools. Discipline, you pull from within. I found the right tools when I saw a YouTube video of an entertaining, motivating instructor. If you’ve ever taken a course and felt you would have learned more from a different instructor, you know the value of a good teacher. I am so grateful that I chose Roger CPA Review.

I really value the method of teaching Roger employs. Much of my accounting career has been spent figuring it out instead of being taught. Yet, I have found that information makes more sense and is easier to remember when someone explains the detail and ties it to the big picture. Roger does this frequently, and my results speak to his methods. And that’s just part of the reason I find myself enjoying CPA review (Did I just say, I enjoy CPA review??).

I’ve said it before, and Ill say it again, Id take any course Roger taught! A few months back, my boyfriend was studying for the GREs. I remember him sitting at the kitchen table for hours with books and highlighters. I would joke with him about how boring his study sessions were compared to my CPA study sessions. Id offer him the latest outlandish pneumonic I had learned or share the latest funny story that Roger told in a video. We both agreed Roger can make even the dullest topic worth paying attention!

Ten months ago, I accepted my current employers offer (my first accounting job), and Ive been working in the cost accounting department ever since. That being said, I was pretty excited to cover the review material on cost accounting this week. I knew that this section of BEC would be familiar, and I also hoped that Rogers lectures would help fill in some gaps in my schooling and experience that could help me to better understand what goes on at work. Even after ten months of working in cost accounting, I still learned new things and have a better understanding of how things flow at work!

Call me a nerd, but all this excitement about learning has put me in the mood for a good review video. Time to take advantage of my motivation! Happy studying, everyone!

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