Guest Blogger Philip: Back in the Groove with a Positive Attitude

Philip is a resident of the great state of New York, but has inspired and motivated fellow Roger students through online forums and social media platforms across the globe. Philip has already passed FAR.

So I’m pretty stoked about dusting the books off and getting back in the groove.  I actually thought that after a three week sabbatical from studying, I would truly struggle falling into the routine.  But, I found myself waiting, almost impatiently, all day yesterday to launch the vids.  Ok, so maybe I wasn’t excited about not watching Pitch Perfect for the 12th time, but still, how can you turn down Auditing? I know; I’m a nerd. 

It was refreshing, even though this is my second time thru.  In fact, as I started my read thru of the book, I found little golden nuggets that I missed back in October and November.  I found myself pulling out my legal pad and jotting each nugget down. 

But, one positive thing about doing this again is the information is so fresh, I mean it still sucks that I failed with a 71 (oh so close to 75), but the information is still there.  Roger is a genius.  His lectures stick.  Instead of going thru and having to relearn the information, I found myself simply dusting off the concepts I still have engrained in my head. 

This is good news for me instead of working thru Auditing in the anticipated 7-8 weeks, I might actually follow the 6 month planner format and knock this out in 4-5 weeks and test IMMEDIATELY in February.   With the simulations being my weakness, I know where to spend my limited time.

I remember before my AUD exam, I sent an SOS to Roger.  I had lost my confidence the night before the exam.  But going thru it now, I feel extremely confident.  I know the information, so I just need a refresher (thank you cram course).  And I also know what areas the exam really focused on last time, so I know that when Roger says that the exam really tests the difference between reviews and compilations, he means study the difference between reviews and compilations because its going to get tested.

Here’s to another great 5 weeks with Roger CPA Review!

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