Guest Blogger Philip: The CPA Journey – The Power of Working MCQs two or three times

Philip is a resident of the great state of New York, but has inspired and motivated fellow Roger students through online forums and social media platforms across the globe. Philip has already passed FAR, and is currently preparing to tackle AUD in November.

Greetings from an ever growing cold Upstate NY.  This weekend, I officially completed the online AUD course.  I am now going thru the Flash Drive Cram, as my exam in only two weeks away.  I am amazed at how the last seven weeks flew by thru AUD.  And now, the reality that I face a 4-hour exam in less than two weeks is hitting me.  

I want to share with you the power of working thru MCQs two or three times.  Roger always ends his sections by reminding us that we should be working the questions thru at least two times, if not three.  I remember back in FAR, it used to take me roughly five hours to complete a set of questions.  Yes, I was that slow.  I used to think to myself, what is Roger talking about; I dont have the time to go thru the questions even once, let alone two times.  But, I decided quickly, that if I am all in 100% of the time for this exam, then I better follow the advice now. 

My second run thru on the questions did two things for me in both FAR and AUD.  First, I learned to read for key words and find the main point of the question a lot faster than on my first run thru.  This means that I was able to spot key words like most likely, least likely, not, correct and incorrect.  Just identifying those words alone allowed me to quickly eliminate 50-75% of the answers.  I know Im just an accountant and not a mathematician, but getting down to the best final two answers if not the correct answer in a matter of seconds is priceless.  

Secondly, I learned why the wrong answers were wrong and not just why the correct answer was correct.  I found that to be a powerful ally during the FAR exam and in future homework questions for AUD.  I was able to learn and apply those concepts.  

This worked extremely well, because I did one question at a time and read each answer one at a time.  I didnt view this as memorizing questions or answers, because after going thru 169 questions, all of the questions seem to merge into one massive beating.  These simple techniques that Roger stresses over and over, truly are an integral part to my learning process. 

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