Guest Blogger Philip: Ramping Back up for AUD

Philip is a resident of the great state of New York, but has inspired and motivated fellow Roger students through online forums and social media platforms across the globe. Philip has already passed FAR.

Merry Christmas Everyone.  It came and flew by.  Now I come to grips that my very short sabbatical from re-studying AUD is coming to an extremely quick close.  I naturally thought it might be a good time to share my studying routine.

I made an agreement with my wife that I would not study until my daughter was in bed for the night.   At about 8 PM, I set my work space up at the kitchen table (mostly because of the perfect lighting in the kitchen), and then I start up the videos.

I work thru the videos, meaning I take notes, highlight and stop where I need to.  I ask questions in the margins that I can go back over during my read thrus.  I even write in Rogers anecdotes to keep it fresh in my mind.  After the videos, I take a 10 minute breather and focus on absolutely nothing.

After my break, I open up the text and slowly read thru it while revisiting my notes, and if needed adding to my personal notes.  When I’m done with the reading, I open up the Wiley homework book and plough thru all of the questions, one by one.  I review the end of the chapter topic areas to identify my weak points and re-read. 

On the weekends I redo all of the questions from that week and work the software questions.  This might include re-reading those problem sections if Im still just not getting it.  By the second run thru of the questions, I usually have the explanation paragraphs memorized, so generally there’s very little re-reading.  Also during the weekend, I create flash cards to work thru at a later time.

Two other things I do: I never deviate from Rogers study planner.  NEVER.  I stay on task every night.  While the planner says I can have a few nights off a week, for me (a non-traditional student) that’s not realistic.  So I take one night off a week for family fun time and every other night is spent with Roger.  The other thing I do is that I study even when I don’t want to or if I’m not in the mood.   I will never turn a cold shoulder to studying, because one night might turn into two then into three and then before I know it, my NTS runs out and I’m still working on the intro videos.

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