Guest Blogger Philip– Simulations and making enough time to do them ALL

Philip is a resident of the great state of New York, but has inspired and motivated fellow Roger students through online forums and social media platforms across the globe. Philip has already passed FAR, and is currently preparing to tackle AUD in November.

Hello everyone!   
I received my detail score report from the NASBA and was pleasantly surprised, even though I received a 71 on AUD.  I fully buy into Rogers concept that if you study, then you will pass.  Listen, that mantra totally is true, but I made one critical mistake during my studies, I didnt do all of the simulations available.  So back to the score report I scored stronger in 3 of the areas, and comparable in the other 3, meaning I did really well on the MCQs, but not so well on the simulations.
I want to share today about what I believe I did wrong.  I lived by the Wiley homework book and was scoring really well on the MCQs and the simulations; however, due to time constraints, I did not go thru the Wiley software as completely as I did with the Wiley book.  And guess what I found out this week there are different simulations in the software than in the book. If only I had listened to Roger.  I mean I did with the MCQs, but I dont know what I was thinking with the simulations. 
I found that the simulation software gave me a whole new experience in my preparation this week.  I felt as if I was really taking the exam.   And, if I am being completely honest, I felt that the questions I went thru with the software were more true to the exam than the Wiley homework book.  In fact just today, I went thru 6 simulations of which 2 were EXTREMELY identical to 2 of the actual simulations, if not the same.
If you havent used this product, then you are missing out.  I used the software for FAR and AUD, but for the MCQs.  Clearly the lectures, text book, homework book and software really prepared me for the MCQs I scored stronger or comparable to those who passed.  Learn from my failure USE EVERYTHING ROGER GIVES YOU!!!  

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