Guest Blogger, Sherri: Lifting Weights While Studying Trusts and Estates!

Sherri shares with us her all-too-common story of losing credit for three parts previously earned due to the 18-Month Rolling Window. We think her perseverance and hopeful attitude will serve as an inspiration to all! Sherri has passed BEC, FAR, and AUD, and now embarks on the REG Exam preparation.

Hi there everyone!

I thought that I would finally send in my overdue post and give an update with the comings and goings in my little bean counter world.  I have made some progress since my last entry.  I am finished with Section 4 and have moved on to studying Depreciation, Estates and Trusts in Section 5.  I am continuing to feel relief at the lack of computation problems.   Now that Corporate, Partnership and Individual tax are behind me, I feel like my brain is unclenching a little. 

I’m finding this new area surprisingly easy to study.  Its amazing how much a bit of humor helps with the retention of the DRY and BORING content that must be memorized for the CPA exam.  Roger was at his finest in the video in the Estates and Trusts Section.  He cemented the concepts by discussing a fictitious scenario involving the demise of Hugh Hefner and the inheritance of his estate by his previous squeezes Holly, Bridget and Kendra.   I actually laughed a bit during that segment.  I’ve got the concepts down.  Thanks Roger!   (Now will you please do one of your special on line classes on AMT?) AMT is a topic that definitely needs a bit of humor to remember!   Roger CPA Review is THE program for learning and retaining CPA exam concepts.

I might have mentioned previously that I decided to get serious about my level of fitness, right about the time that I wanted to crawl under a rock and stay there, after making a 74 on FAR.  I started working out with a trainer three times a week.  Hes a winning fitness competitor and a drill sergeant in the military, with a level of muscularity that is pretty intimidating to the average gym goer.  I told him last week that I would find a way to work him into my next blog because I achieved a personal best, by lifting 255 pounds, doing squats on the Smith Machine, during our last workout.  Woo Hoo!  

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?  Of course, all of you have heard me say that before.  I am reveling in my newfound strength and am excited to be pushed beyond the limits I set for myself.  I love the challenge of having a goal that is physical rather than mental.  I cant wait to get this exam behind me so that I can see what I can do when I have the stress and time consumption of the CPA Exam off of my plate.

I’ve kept my post a bit short this week because well.. my brains are scrambled!   I’m going to turn in early, grab the remote and reward myself for my study and work efforts with a night off, so that I will awake rested and refreshed tomorrow.  

Happy Studying Everyone.


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