Guest Blogger Steven P.: Creating a Plan for AUD

In my last blog post I discussed where I was in the CPA exam process, mentioning that I passed FAR and REG and was currently studying for AUD.

Now I’ll discuss what my plan is for AUD. Lets begin with my time frame for AUD and some caveats regarding time frames in general. My current time frame began at just under 90 days. The plan was to watch all the videos first and then get through all the questions second. I was able to watch all the videos within 15-20 days. This was pretty good. I was able to complete all the questions within 15 days after watching the videos too.  So what am I doing now, 27 days before the exam? I’m going over all the questions again, reading over problem areas in the book, and with 15 days left, Ill try and do all the simulations as a review and a break from multiple choice.

A caveat regarding simulations is that some people do them over time evenly with the multiple choice. I actually find that the simulations are more mentally intensive for me than multiple choice questions so I don’t start on them until I can perform them with efficiency. I also find that doing them towards the end, but not last minute, helps me review since they cover the same material from different angles than the multiple choice questions and are sometimes more comprehensive.  Then, five days before the exam, I begin to do practice tests. So in conclusion, my caveat is that you should probably figure out what works best for you.  Sometimes I do sprinkle some simulations into the mix much earlier than planned. I like to work in staggered starts and waves but Ill talk about the details more in my next post regarding the art of it all.

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