Happy Hanukkah! Eight CPA Exam study tips to stay on track!

Happy Hanukkah from everyone at Roger CPA Review! In the spirit of the next eight days, below you’ll find eight tips to keep you on track.

  1. Resist the snooze! Imagine the extra studying you could squeeze in if you simply got out of bed after your first alarm!
  2. Speak up! Inform your relatives of your commitment to the CPA Exam before they arrive for dinner, so they understand when you skip out on dessert (or just take it to-go).
  3. Cash in your Get-out-of-cleaning-free-cardUse this as an opportunity to duck out of chores guilt-free. Study to the steady murmur of the vacuum in the next room you’ll make it up to mom next year!
  4. Quality over quantity. Its going to be tough to get a ton of studying in over the holidays, so try to get quality studying in without any distractions!
  5. No food comas! Resist the urge to binge on the fried latkes! Food comas aren’t the best for productivity.
  6. Set rewards! Use evening gift giving as an incentive to finish your studying and stick to your daily goals.
  7. Lumos! If you’re hitting the books late, make sure to turn on those lamps. Studying by computer-light causes eye strain and can give you a headache and make you tired sooner.
  8. Stay dedicated! The name “Hanukkah” derives from the Hebrew verb “לְהַקְדִּישׁ”, meaning “to dedicate.” So, in the spirit of Hanukkah, remember your goal, and stay motivated and dedicated until the finish line!
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