Homework Help Center: Getting Support While Studying for the CPA Exam


When preparing for the CPA Exam in an online environment, it’s important that candidates receive the same level of support and care that they would in a live classroom setting.  Even with the best academic course materials there are still going to be topics and questions that will challenge our students.  Whether it’s a difficult subject, like cost accounting, or simply the need to understand financial reporting, access to guidance from experts can be extremely beneficial—which is why the Homework Help Center (HHC) exists for our students.

What is the Homework Help Center (HHC)?

The HHC is an online platform that is available 24/7 and provides our students with fast answers to their CPA Exam questions by expert CPA moderators.

Below are several ways students can utilize the HHC both efficiently and effectively:

Search 17,000+ Student-Submitted Questions with Expert Answers

The HHC is loaded with over 17,000 student-submitted questions followed by answers from our expert CPA moderators.  Chances are that if one student has a question, another student could very well have the same question.  With advanced search capabilities, students can get to the answers they seek quickly, without the need to wait on a moderator’s response.

Similar to Google, students can implement keywords or ask direct questions within the HHC search field.

Advanced search options and filters help students focus search inquiries to the Exam Part, Section and Topic.

Another way to search responses is to take advantage of the “Tags” function.  This allows students to quickly search questions and responses that contain keywords.  Tags are delivered in alphabetical order, and the number next to each tag indicates how many inquiries have been posted related to that keyword.

Ask A Question

If students are not finding what they’re looking for, they can submit a question, and a CPA Exam expert moderator will provide guidance in a timely manner.*

When submitting a question, students can get as specific as they like by implementing an exact Question ID number (found in the lower right-hand corner of questions in the Interactive Practice Questions software) so expert moderators can give more precise guidance.

My Questions

Students have the option to go back and look at any questions they have ever submitted by clicking “My Questions” located in the top right corner the HHC.

Support is an important aspect to success, and we want to make sure our students feel confident in knowing we have their backs.  The HHC is just one of the many tools we provide that encompasses our dedication to our students, ensuring they reach their goals and furthering their CPA Exam success.

Watch the video below to get a brief overview of all the Homework Help Center features!

*Posting capability is only available to our Premier and Elite Course Students. New Select Course Package students will have the “read-only” functionality.

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