How an Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner Used Roger CPA Review to Pass the CPA Exam


When I initially chose to use Roger CPA Review, I remember crossing my fingers hoping that it would be enough to help me pass. Like every CPA candidate, I found myself searching the internet for reviews on all the review courses. Each course had several positive and negative scores, making it hard to choose.

I ran into people who were saying that Roger CPA Review is enough for only some of the Exams. But I am here to tell you that those reviews and blog comments are total lies. Roger CPA Review is more than enough! My scores speak for themselves. 

My Life Situation

While studying for the CPA Exam, I was working 40+ hours a week as an accountant at a private equity firm. 

I started studying approximately 2 months after I completed my MAcc so that I could still be in study mode (the only real reason why I waited 2 months was because that’s how long it took to get approved and signed up for an Exam).

I wasn’t married at the time and did not have any kids in the house. However, I was lucky to be dating someone who was very patient with my Exam process and knew what I was going through. Make sure you communicate this to your loved ones so they know to be patient with you as you essentially live under a rock for a year! But just remember the hard work and sacrifice will pay off. Here are my scores for each section below, all completed on the first attempt: 

BEC (93) 
AUD (97) 
FAR (98) 
REG (98) 

My Study Strategy

As you can see, my scores never got to a point where I barely passed. Roger is 100% correct in his videos when he says “if you study, you will pass”. 

You will need to make the mental choice of dedicating yourself to passing the Exam. For me, the entire process took 10 months, including the small 2 week breaks I took between exams. I started studying for my first exam during the last week of February 2018, and finished my last exam during the first week of December 2018. 

I was waking up at 6:10am every morning, studying between 7:00am and 9:00am, working, and then studying from 6:00pm through the rest of the night, usually stopping around 11:00pm or 11:30pm (with about 45 minutes set aside for dinner and a power nap).

After taking an Exam, I would give myself a 2-3 week rest period to wind down before putting myself through intensive studying again for the next section. This gave me time to wait for my score to be released, sleep, and see individuals I had been forced to put on the side-lines.

I used Roger CPA Review’s customizable study planner to design my study days. I read every chapter. I watched all of his videos. I quizzed myself on every MCQ and TBS at least twice (and sometimes 3 times) by the end of the entire process. I built my weeks so that I was studying new material every other day and was reviewing the new material on the days in between. I also designed my weeks so that the weekends were primarily for making sure I had done the MCQ and TBS questions for the sections I studied during that week. It’s also important to note here that I only gave myself 1 evening a week off for date nights. I would rinse-and-repeat this process (without going back to prior studied material) until I was done with all the videos and the books. 

I also designed my schedule so that I would be done with all the materials and still have 2.5 weeks of review. Of the 2.5 weeks, I would use one week to binge read the book so that all concepts were fresh in my mind and the last 1.5 weeks doing all the MCQ and TBS together. I repeated all MCQ and TBS questions until it was time to take the Exam. I also used vacation days at work so that my final week could be spent locked in my room getting myself in the zone. If you can do this, I highly recommend it! 

In addition, I made sure that I would take the time to google concepts I couldn’t successfully grasp to see what I was missing. I would then use sticky notes in addition to what I had written on the actual pages of my textbooks to keep track of these difficult concepts. 

Roger CPA Review’s material was more than enough to pass.

I enjoyed the lectures. The textbooks are formatted in a reader-friendly way, the customer support is quick to respond, and the questions combined with all of these materials help you know where to study next. Overall, Roger CPA Review is an amazing review course. 

Thank you for helping me survive this past year! I don’t know what I would have done without you.

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