How I Passed Using Roger CPA Review

I’ve worked in public accounting for a few years since graduating college.

My goal was to gain work experience before sitting for my CPA Exam in hopes that I would learn a lot of the concepts firsthand. Before I knew it, life had become really busy for me. I got married and had a baby. Although I was extremely happy in my personal life, my career had taken a back seat. Once I found out I was expecting, my mindset switched and I became determined to pass my CPA Exam.

In the beginning, I used a different CPA Review course that didn’t offer lectures.

It used a self-study approach with review books and a CD-ROM with test bank questions. This was difficult but I managed to pass 2 parts of the exam. I knew once my baby was born, I wouldn’t be able to use this method to study. I met a Roger CPA Review Course representative, who convinced me that the Roger Method was the way to go. She was right! After studying the next course using the Roger Method. I passed the 3rd section of the Exam. For the final part I used the Roger’s Course, and this helped prepare me as well since I was under a time crunch and at risk of losing one of my previously passed parts.

The Roger method works…Roger’s mnemonics are very helpful and he does an excellent job of explaining difficult concepts.

Roger’s personality is fun and he keeps things exciting during the lectures. I feel like I know him personally and in some strange way, I will miss studying. I am very thankful for the Roger CPA review course and those who convinced me to try it. I would not be where I am today in my career or my personal life. Thank you so much Roger. If I can pass using the Roger Method with a new baby, anyone can.

-Nikki Mayers, Guest Blogger for Roger CPA Review 

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