How Prometric is Ensuring Safe Testing


*Please note that this article was updated for accuracy on August 17, 2021.

UWorld Roger CPA Review meets with the AICPA, NASBA, IMA, and Prometric Testing Centers on a regular basis to discuss key topics surrounding CPA Exam testing. One area of focus for these discussions is about the changes Prometric has implemented within their facilities to ensure safety precautions for test-takers amid COVID-19. The information Prometric continues to share is especially helpful for CPA candidates who are feeling apprehensive due to the ongoing pandemic. Read on for a quick recap of what we know and why now – more than ever – is the right time to sit for the CPA Exam.

Breaking News: Prometric recently stopped requiring fully vaccinated individuals to wear protective masks into their testing centers. However, with the increase in Covid cases, they have paused their mask rollback efforts and will continue to mandate everyone wear face coverings at their testing centers. The only exception to the mask mandate rule is at sites where executive orders prohibit mandating face coverings. For these sites, CPA candidates will be allowed to wear masks, but are not required to wear them.

Additionally, starting Monday, August 2, 2021, Prometric began implementing the re-enacting processes of wanding CPA candidates with metal detector wands before they are allowed to enter into the test room and also allowing the use of erasable note boards and markers.

Safety Training & Protocol
At the onset of the pandemic, Prometric worked closely with several third-party experts, including epidemiology experts from John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, to create their enhanced COVID-19 Safety Plan. These policies and procedures included: increased training for test center staff, staff health checks, in-depth cleaning guidelines, mandatory mask-wearing (bring your own, and ensure it has no exhalation valve!), and reduced or flex capacity.

It should also be no surprise that social distancing protocols remain in place at all times and that instructions from staff and signage are to be adhered to while at a Prometric facility. 

Site Occupancy
Prometric continues to ensure that site occupancy remains compliant with the Covid-19 health and safety guidelines on a local government level. While there’s a misconception that centers are overburdened with backlogged candidates, Prometric has assured us that all Prometric Centers that reopened have available seats for test-takers in the new modified and safe environment.

Increased Communication
Increases in communication protocols have been instituted to ensure candidates have the most up-to-date information as they approach their exam day. It is advised that candidates with upcoming exams check their email and/or phone before leaving to take their exam–just in case there are any unexpected impediments or adjustments to protocol. Prometric also encourages candidates to frequently visit their designated COVID-19 webpage listing the latest details or test-taking updates.

Prometric continues to audit the situation, including conducting surveys on a regular basis to ensure their facilities remain safe and accommodating to test-takers. 

Reinstatement of Biometrics Procedures
Prometric will reinstate biometric procedures for the CPA Exam which includes fingerprint and ID scans, at all testing centers starting on June 7, 2021. Prometric reinstated this procedure based upon safety protocols with Johns Hopkins University and information about COVID-19 provided by the CDC and world health organizations. Prometric test takes will be required to use hand sanitizer before using any fingerprint scanner and Prometric staff will remain vigilant about wiping down and cleaning devices and surfaces after each use.

Social distancing will continue to be required for image captures. Test takers will be allowed to lower their masks briefly during this process. All other safety protocols remain the same.

If further information about Prometric is needed, they have provided the following helpful links to share with our CPA Candidates:

  1. Prometric “What to Expect” Test Taker Video
  2. COVID-19 FAQs for Test Takers on
  3. Prometric Test Center Policies
  4. Prometric Site Status
  5. Locate a Prometric Site

Sit for the CPA Exam – What are you waiting for?
Prometric has implemented an effective plan to keep you safe – what are you waiting for? With so much uncertainty in today’s environment, one thing remains the same: CPA licensure is the gold standard. Future-proof your career to outlast economic uncertainty, and re-focus on your professional goals to become a CPA.

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