How Protiviti is Helping Members of Beta Alpha Psi


Casey Jo Chapman serves as Protiviti’s North American Campus Recruiting Lead and is a professional partner of Beta Alpha Psi (BAP). Learn more about her role as the 2017-2018 BAP Professional Partner Chair Elect and how Protiviti is working with student members of BAP to further help them excel in their educational and career endeavors.

Tell us a little bit about Protiviti

Protiviti was founded in May of 2002 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Half. We are a global consulting firm that helps companies with finance/technology risk and internal audits. Our 70 locations span over 20 countries worldwide and serve more than 60% of the Fortune 1,000 companies. We also work with smaller growing companies, including those looking to go public, and government agencies.

What is your involvement with Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)?

We’ve been a Professional Partner with BAP for about 4 years. In my role, I support the furthering of education for student BAP members. We support not only presentations and furthering education of those at the national meeting, but present to a number of local BAP student chapters on an annual basis, providing networking and soft skills training.

In addition, Protiviti has strategically hired BAP students into our organization, as students with accounting and finance backgrounds tend to excel within our corporate culture. But, more than that, the values of BAP align with our company values.

In 2017-2018, I’ll be the Professional Partner chair elect. My responsibility entails being a voting member on the BAP board and interacting with and encouraging other interested organizations to become BAP Professional Partners.

Why should accounting students join BAP?

BAP offers students a network outside of their university setting and allows them to build relationships during their initial career search, as well as while they progress and grow their career. BAP relationships and the knowledge they’ll gain is something they’ll find to be very beneficial for years to come.

What is your favorite thing about partnering with BAP?

The number one thing I’ve valued from being a Professional Partner representing BAP is twofold: relationships I’ve been able to build and support with peers within the accounting industry, and relationships I’ve built with students where I’ve been able to watch them grow and develop throughout the years.

What’s your best piece of advice for students to be successful in their careers?

Looking at the accounting profession in general, sometimes people are not aware of how important verbal and written communication skills are. So make sure you continue to develop your communication style alongside the accounting and technology knowledge you gain in school. 

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