How to Stay Motivated to Study for the CPA Exam

How to Stay Motivated to Study for the CPA Exam

2020 has been a challenging year. One of the biggest obstacles CPA Exam candidates are facing as a result of the pandemic is staying motivated to start or continue their CPA journey. If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. Remember that it’s important to focus on the benefits of licensure and how becoming a CPA will improve your personal and professional life. Here are a few reasons to help you stay motivated to pass the CPA Exam.

How to stay motivated amidst current events

First of all, remember that you can do this. As Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA likes to say, “The CPA Exam isn’t a test of intelligence; it’s a test of discipline. If you study, you will pass!” Start by setting up a study schedule and sticking to it. Study at the same time every day which will help you enter into a comforting and effective routine.

Get study buddies, establish a support network, and find a program that keeps you motivated and engaged in your studies. Don’t forget to give yourself small rewards along the way. For example, once you get through a chapter, take a break and do something you enjoy.

Lastly, keep the big picture in mind. Sometimes it’s helpful to create a visual of this big picture for you to look at everyday. Write it out and tape it to the wall by your desk to keep you motivated.

The pandemic is a blessing in disguise

Although the pandemic has been a huge disruption in many areas, it’s actually a blessing in disguise for your CPA Exam studies. Take advantage of the extra time you have right now as you’re no longer commuting and are isolated from social events.

Although these times are uncertain, the CPA credential is not. Firms are still expecting you to have your license and there’s no better time than now. With an economic downturn occurring, give yourself job security and make yourself more competitive and marketable during these trying times.

Lastly, studies have shown that the longer you wait to take the CPA Exam, the more difficult it can be. Because it’s a highly academic exam, the closer you are to being a student, the better chances you have of passing the first time.

Remember the importance of the credential

Aside from making your parents proud, the CPA license is the gold standard in accounting and will unlock unlimited career potential and flexibility. Not only is it recognized and welcomed by markets and employers globally, it gives you increased knowledge and expertise to help make complex business and life decisions. For this reason, CPAs are in even higher demand now to help businesses continue to navigate uncharted waters caused by the pandemic.

Passing the CPA exam will change your life

Not only will licensure allow you to take the next big step in your career, it will also help you provide a better and more secure life for yourself and your family. Increased salary, being at the forefront of financial integrity, and working alongside other incredibly ambitious and successful people are just a few of the long-term benefits.

Watch this video for a deeper dive of how to stay motivated to pass the CPA Exam presented by Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA.

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