I Am My Worst Enemy

CPA Exam blogger Angela is a little stressed as she tries to study as hard as she can for REG! We know a lot of students worry about keeping on track, but sometimes it’s just better to relax a little, cut yourself some slack, and then get back into it! 

One of my best characteristics is sabotaging me a bit as I’m studying for REG.  You see I take a lot of pride in always completing a task when it is due, if not early.  I have also implemented this same methodology while studying for the CPA exam and it has proven to be successful for my last two exams.  REG seems to be a different story.

I mapped out a review schedule last week from now until I take REG in January and it does not have a lot of wiggle room. I think I overestimated how much material and questions I could get through in one day.  I was plugging along just fine until I got to corporate tax.  There is a lot of material in this section and its been a few weeks since I last studied it.  I gave myself three days to review corporate tax. I struggled a bit with the Wiley questions my first time around so I wanted to ensure I nailed my second attempt.  I found the questions to be easier but I needed to go back to the material to review the DRD, AMT, S-Corps and Partnerships. As a result, I fell behind my schedule. I started feeling the pressure and caught myself hurrying through problems just to get them done so I could move on to the next section and not fall even more behind. As of a result, I scored a whopping 68% on the questions.  Talk about a major blow to the ego! I was sick to my stomach. I started doing what we all do after a bad round of questions questioning if I was smart enough to take this exam.  It was 9 pm at night; I was still at the office tired and hungry.  I decided to call it a night and resume studying in the morning. 

As I was driving home, I remembered Rogers best motivational saying The CPA exam is not an IQ test its a test a discipline. If you study, you will pass. So now I’m trying to balance the importance of staying on target with my schedule; however, if I need an extra day here or there for a topic or section, I need to allow myself to take that time and not stress that I’m behind schedule.  If I need an extra day or two and need to move my Prometric appointment, I will do it.  The most important thing is for me to feel confident that I will pass! 

I know this sounds simple but I think it all get very wrapped up in it and could use a reminder from time to time. 

Good luck keep studying hard!


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