I Passed AUD on the First Try!

Our guest blogger, Steven, found out at 7:39 a.m. on Wednesday, September the 10th, that he passed AUD with a score of 89! As you can imagine, he was extremely excited. Read his thoughts from that day.

I passed AUD and received my highest score ever on the CPA Exam.  Not only was it my best score, but it was also the first time I passed any part of the CPA Exam on the first try.   I am extremely satisfied with the exam outcome considering that I have never worked in auditing. The only auditing course I’ve taken was about six years ago.

The main reason I passed the AUD section of the CPA Exam is because of my decision to switch over to Roger CPA Review Course.  The Roger CPA Review course helped me to fully understand AUD concepts and to ultimately pass that part of the CPA Exam on the first try!

I remember while I was taking the exam I had one particular question that I couldn’t answer.   I flagged it and revisited it later. Interestingly enough, I was able to remember Roger discussing the exact problem during one of his video lectures. I was able to go back and work the problem and answer it correctly.

Since I’ve never passed any other part of the CPA Exam on the first try, a few people weren’t too optimistic about my passing AUD on the first attempt. I, on the other hand, felt extremely confident especially after studying with Rogers videos. I was both optimistic and realistic and like Roger says, If you study, you will pass! I studied!   

My family and I have personally been through a great deal the past couple of years.  Passing AUD on the first try was a welcomed bonus to our lives. I am so grateful that I decided to take the risk of switching CPA Exam review courses midway through my studies. It made a tremendous difference.

Now that I passed, people have asked me exactly how I prepared for the AUD exam. Basically, I did loads of multiple choice questions, listened to Rogers audio tapes during my workouts and watched all of the video lectures.  My biggest recommendation is that you find an instructor that you really enjoy. For me, Roger CPA Review was the cornerstone of my success.

— Steven P.

From all of us at Roger CPA Review, we would like to congratulate Steven on his great accomplishment!

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