I Passed the CPA Exam with Roger CPA Review

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I’m in my mid-30’s and worked in finance for a number of years before I finally decided to work towards my CPA license. Because I work long hours, I needed a course that would be efficient, engaging, and most importantly, help me pass the CPA Exam.

After researching several CPA review options, I concluded that Roger CPA Review was the best CPA review course for me. After taking FAR, I know I made the right choice.

I took the FAR Exam on February 26th and when I received my score in March, I was thrilled to see that I had received a 95!

Roger CPA Review was exactly what I needed to pass the CPA Exam. What I like about the course is that it does not try to be a college textbook nor does the review get bogged down in details that you don’t need. Instead, the course focuses on exactly what you need to get the job done. I especially like the lectures because they’re entertaining enough to keep my interest.

I planned my studies so that I would finish studying a little more than a week before the CPA Exam. I took the week before the exam off from work so that I could study. My final cram method was to re-read each chapter of the notes in sequence. After each chapter, I would do TBS and IPQ’s. Once I had worked through everything, which took me about four full days, I began doing batches of 30 IPQ’s at a time, covering all subjects. I continued to do this for the two days before the exam.

I have to admit that I was anxious when I arrived to check in at the Prometric Center, but once I started working through the first testlet, I felt confident. The second and third testlets were significantly more difficult, but I interpreted that to mean I was doing well. There were a few questions that I had simply never been exposed to at all. Fortunately, I could usually narrow down the more difficult question to two choices. Then, I would take a guess and move on. Whatever the case, the unknown questions were not enough to lower my score.

I’m glad that I chose to study with Roger CPA Review and know that my choice in review courses helped me to pass the CPA Exam.

-Bob Bancroft, Boston University

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