Introducing a New Series: Dear Roger!

Today marks the launch of our Dear Roger blog series where your questions are submitted about the the CPA Exam for a chance to receive a response from Roger Philipp, CPA.

This month’s question comes from Kathryn S. of  Waco, Texas:

Kathryn:  I recently started working full time at a large firm and have been struggling to maintain my relationships because I am so busy at work. How do you suggest giving your all at work, while also still enjoying somewhat of a social life with friends and family?


Hi Kathryn,

Starting a new career is always exciting, as one of your greatest dreams is finally being realized! But with it also comes many challenges, especially when you’re putting in extra hours at the office while trying to maintain a social life. Modern technology keeps us connected to work even when we’re away from our desk and trying to figure out how to “switch off” from work can be difficult.
Keep in mind that if you don’t give yourself time to disconnect from work by doing things that you enjoy, you’ll gradually become less productive at your new job.
So, how do you balance your new job and your social life?

  1. Learn to schedule downtime into your calendar. You know how to schedule work meetings, so do the same for your personal life. Create appointments for yourself where you meet up with friends, get a massage, or head to the gym. Try to schedule at least one thing you look forward to each day.
  2. Disconnect from technology and respect your time away from the office. The thought of turning off your cell phone makes some people panic, but turning off your phone for a couple of hours will allow you to truly focus on something you enjoy.
  3. Forget multitasking. Learn to prioritize your work load. Find out what is the most important task to get done each day and focus on completing it.
  4. Take care of yourself through proper nutrition, exercise, rest and by drinking plenty of water. Feeling good not only helps your work life, but makes you feel better during your off time, too!
  5. Learn how to say “no.” Don’t take on more than you can handle at work. Doing so adds stress to your workload, which may inhibit your ability to perform daily work tasks.

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