IRS Extends Tax Deadline to April 17th

Taxpayers received a belated Christmas present from the IRS yesterday when they announced that the tax-filing deadline has been extended to April 17th.

The reason for these two extra days? April 15th falls on a Sunday, and Emancipation Day, a holiday observed in the District of Columbia, falls this year on Monday, April 16th. For all you procrastinators, taxpayers requesting an extension will have until Oct. 15 to file their 2011 returns.

Additionally, the IRS announced some new improvements to make life easier for taxpayers this season. These features include: fancier navigation, valuable information on, and brand-spanking new interactive videos to guide taxpayers through the tricky process.

At the IRS, were working hard to make the process of filing your taxes as quick and easy as possible, IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman said in a statement. Providing quality service is one of our top priorities. It not only reduces the burden on taxpayers, but also helps in filing an accurate return right from the start.

Fun Fact:
The IRS said it expects to receive more than 144 million individual tax returns this year, with most of those being filed by the April 17 deadline. 

Happy Filing!

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