Is it Possible to be Social While Studying for the CPA Exam?

is it possible to be social while studying for the cpa exam_

Is it possible to balance time spent studying for the CPA Exam with an actual social life? Kristin Lynes, Chief Operating Officer at Roger CPA Review, believes it’s plausible as long as you set the correct expectations with your support system

Lynes considers open and honest communication with friends and family about time needed to pass the CPA Exam as vital to a CPA Candidate’s overall exam success.  Remember, unless you’re hanging out with other CPA Candidates, most people in your circle won’t fully understand the time you must dedicate towards your CPA Exam studies.

Since time is such a precious commodity when studying for the CPA Exam, it’s important to also lean on friends and family for support during this time. 

Lynes considers a good support system as one that is part of the solution and not a distraction. Surround yourself with people who encourage your CPA journey and understand the importance of passing the CPA Exam for your career. And, a solid support network can help decrease stress and boost overall confidence on the CPA Exam. 

To read the other ways you can maintain a social life while studying for the CPA Exam, read the original article, “How to Maintain Your Social Life While Studying,” by Cheryl Meyer at

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