It’s Not Too Late For Your CPA!

Hey CPA Exam students! We’d like to share a wonderful and inspiring letter one of our students, Lisa Lachowsky, sent us earlier this month. Her story is testament to the fact that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, no matter where you’re at in your life. If you’ve been looking for a pick-me-up,  this is IT. The letter we are about to share with you is a must-read if you:

  • Think you are too late or far in your career to even consider a CPA
  • Are an experienced professional looking to get back on the CPA Exam horse 
  • Feel like you just don’t have the time to study with everything going on in your life 
  • Are convinced that the time has passed and you can’t think like a student again

Lisa wrote:

First, I want to say thank you to Roger for actually creating an awesome review program. I’m awaiting the result of my FAR exam (5/23) and preparing for AUD (5/29).

And although I’m not real sure if I passed the FAR, I know if I didn’t it was a just a little short, and I know I have the ability to pass it. AUD studying is going well, so I hope it’s a first time pass.

So why my [letter]? What you can’t tell from above is that I’m 51. I took the exam one time in the ‘old days’ (1986). All of my scores were within whatever range was required at the time (below passing but not what was considered ‘fail’), so I was ‘grandfathered’ in to the program. Although I have since obtained a Masters in Business Information Systems to which I believe would qualify me, my state allowed me to seat as part of the grandfathered program (which is about to expire I believe). They literally had to go to warehouse to find my exam from 1986 but they found it, dust and all!

Most of my experience is working within a division of a Fortune 500 company in the capacity of Accounting Manager and now as Business Process Analyst. Although I get to deal with a lot of different areas, I don’t come close to dealing with everything that would be needed to pass this exam. So without Roger’s review, there is no way I could be where I’m at – certain that it is just a matter of time and I will have these 4 parts passed. It is a great refresher and allowed me to feel confident.

I have highly recommended the course to those around me who have inquired as to “how are you doing it?”! 30 years experience + Roger’s CPA Review = Success!

Thank you!


Lisa currently works at Snap-On, within the North America Equipment division and has been with the company for 14 years. Congratulations on taking the CPA Exam, Lisa! We’re sending you all our positive vibes for when your scores come out. 

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