Joe’s Journey: Week 1

Were happy to introduce our new Guest Blogger, Ohio-based CPA hopeful, Joe Ferri! Tune in weekly to follow Joe as he conquers FAR using the Roger CPA Review Online Course, and documents his every trial and tribulation!

Hello there. My name is Joe and I am a real estate accountant from Columbus, Ohio. I am just beginning my long CPA Exam journey. By just beginning, I mean I’ve unsuccessfully sat for the exam twice and am now getting serious.

Just some quick background info: I’ve been out of school for ten years and have worked in the accounting field ever since, spanning from cost accounting and financial analysis to financial reporting. However, despite my background, I’ve determined that whatever my work experience or education, its probably safe to say the CPA Exam covers some material that I haven’t seen in my daily grind at work or in college accounting classes.

There is no doubt that studying for the exam is a major commitment. So, why become a CPA? That is a common question I get from friends and family as I pour my free time into studying. Simply put: those three letters add value no matter what direction your career may go. In my opinion, a great deal of value. If you’ve met your state requirements, it truly makes a lot of sense to go the extra mile and get your certification. Whether your career path is one of public accounting, working as a corporate financial analyst, or pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor, it goes a long way when you can say that you’re a CPA. We never know what the economy will bring and where it may leave us as a result. Having your CPA is only going to help distinguish you from your competition and give you an edge in the job market. Enter Roger CPA Review!

So, here we go! I’m excited to get started on this journey and blog about all the highs and lows along the way!


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