Live Chat Recap: Your Study Questions…Answered!

Missed our live chat with Roger Philipp, CPA earlier today? No problem–here’s a recap of the top questions asked by CPA Exam hopefuls and students, answered by Roger himself!

Student: Hey Rog! I test for AUD on Friday. I thought I was testing at 9:00 in the morning but it turns out I’m not testing until 1:30 in the afternoon. Any suggestions on what I should do the morning of an afternoon exam or as you would say “experience”?

Roger: Sounds like you have an extra four and half hours to study! Though this may seem to be the case, be warned! – you dont want to burn yourself out before the exam. I would suggest creating a mini exam day study guide. Write out some of the AUD topics you are having the most difficulty with. Come exam, review those topics throughout the morning. Additionally, be sure to eat a healthy breakfast. Protein and fruit can help provide energy throughout the day. However, dont overload on caffeine as it can lead to headaches. Check out our former blog post, Food for Thought, for a few suggests that provide a CPA Exam Morning Boost.

Student: Hi Roger… You mentioned networking is the key to getting a good job. Can you recommend any events for someone who is just starting out. I’m going to take my first exam in November.

Roger: Hi Ross, well that depend on where you live. I’d start by joining the many professional organizations out there (state societies, ASWA, NABA…etc.). Membership is usually open (i.e., even if you’re not a woman, you can join ASWA!). Plus…, if you haven’t signed up for a review course yet, we have deals with most of these organizations. Furthermore, I recommend social networking. Make sure your LinkedIn is up to date, etc.. You’ll do great Ross! I can just feel it!

Student: I’ve been using a different review course and missed passing BEC by 6 points, wouild the cram course help push up my score sufficiently for a second try at BEC?

Roger: Hi Cheryl! This is exactly what my Cram Course was designed to help out with. Youre so close! Theres no need to start over.

Student: Hey Rog, I got at 68 in Reg in May, but have been studying during this backout window (mostly my weakpoint of corp tax). I think a 68 shows some command on the material. How do you suggest to go about preparing for a retest? Shall I skim material and do questions on each section (section per section), or just keep taking practice tests? Thank you so much!

Roger: Hi Manuel! Wow, youre so close. We actually just had a blog article on this. Looks like you both fall into the Close-Call-Carl category. Like it says here, review your score report and see where you need to review and focus in on those questions. With that, its always important to review the most heavily tested topics and when you may want to consider getting a Cram course. Remember, my students get a cram course discount!

Another Student: When I failed FAR back in November of last year I asked Roger the same question. He told me to make sure that I had covered the multiple choice at least 2 times and to review his notes in any areas where I was struggling with the multiple choice questions. Because I didn’t retake FAR until the last testing window I ended up watching roughly half the video’s as well as reviewing all the notes/mc questions. I put in probably an extra 75-100 hours which is a lot but it was worth it because I passed and am finally done! Be confident my friend, and study hard.

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