Managing Stress During Unprecedented Times


During these unprecedented times, managing stress is no easy task — especially when it comes to balancing school, social life, time with friends and family, and possibly a job. For many accounting students, stressors such as economic uncertainty, adapting to new realities, and staying productive and motivated have been drastically exaggerated due to the pandemic. 

While it might seem difficult to maintain the same positive attitude you had prior to COVID-19, it is important to recognize that this might be the new norm.  So, to make the most out of the current situation, here are some ideas on how to successfully combat stress and remain productive in your everyday life.

  1. Maintain a schedule or create a routine. It is crucial to have some sort of discipline when things seem chaotic in your life. Planning day-by-day is more important than it has ever been. There is no feasible way to manage everything going on in life without some sort of schedule, routine, or set of goals. Take the time to plan things out and try to stick with it.
  2. Meditate and relax. Meditation can be effective in calming the senses, by providing peacefulness and benefiting overall well-being.  In terms of managing stress, consider using guided meditations. There are many great apps you can download to help you with this. I­­­f meditation is not your thing, consider taking a moment to relax by taking deep breaths. This will help to focus your mind and lower your heart rate.
  3. Take a break. If you feel “stuck” and cannot seem to move onto your next project or assignment, focus on what you can control. Take time off from studying and take some time for yourself. Go hiking, practice yoga, or watch your favorite show. Doing things that you enjoy will provide a much-needed mental break that will help you refocus.
  4. Know that you are not alone.  There are so many other people in the same position as you who are also battling the same feelings of uncertainty.  Realizing this might make it easier for you to move forward with studying, work, and just life. Connect with others often – even virtually – to discuss how you are feeling and to provide support to them, as well.

Aside from maintaining a schedule, meditating, taking a break, and connecting with others, there are numerous other tips and tricks for students who are struggling to manage their stress during these unprecedented times. Consider the following other stress management recommendations:

  • Practice gratitude and help others when you can.
  • Spend time with people who can help you stay positive and motivated.
  • Do not forget self-care!
  • Take things one step at a time.

Remember, you are not alone. We hope these tips will help you feel more confident that you will get through these difficult times.

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