Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Top 3 Tips to Take Spring by Storm

With spring upon us and summer right around the corner, its time to finally emerge from your hibernation and get into CPA Exam gear. Whether youre a soon-to-be college grad, or already doing the 9 to 5, tune in below to our top 3 tipsto take spring by storm:

1. Set your CPA Exam Game Plan. Just DO IT! Preparing a detailed plan of attack is half the battle if you want to conquer the CPA Exam on your first try! Take this step seriously include your work schedule, study plan, exam dates, etc.

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2. Its lighter later! With the sun shinin till nearly 8pm theres more daylight for studying. Find a nice quiet nook in your house, perhaps by an open window, and let the Vitamin D do its thing. Before you know it, youll be thrilled to be studying for the CPA Exam.

3. Grab that ribbon and metaphorically dance around the maypole! With the weather continuing to stay pleasant, its much easier to take a study break right outside your front door. Research shows that exercise boosts your brainpower, and also doubles as the ideal study break go figure!

Happy studying! 

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