Meet the Roger CPA Review Team: Christine Nguyen


This week’s Meet the Roger CPA Review Team Q&A Series is with Christine Nguyen, Content Coordinator. Learn more about why she loves working in San Francisco, who has impacted her the most, and what her best piece of life advice is. 

 And now, without further ado, here’s…

A Q&A with Christine Nguyen, Content Coordinator at Roger CPA Review

What do you do at Roger CPA Review? 

As content coordinator, I…well…coordinate content! I create and manage the content that you see on our blog, social media platforms, promotional emails, and certain aspects of our website that educate current and prospective CPA Exam candidates about the industry. This means that I interact with our current and potential students on a daily basis. So…you know that person who’s responding to you on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram whenever you have a question or comment? (Drumroll please.) It’s me! I know, pretty anticlimactic, right? If it helps, I do enjoy wearing a Batman cape when I’m responding. 

And oh yes. I also get to work with different departments creating written and graphic pieces for marketing campaigns, product development, and product launches. Sweet? Sweet.  

What’s your favorite thing about working at Roger CPA Review? 

I’m going to pretend that this question says “things” instead of “thing.” First and foremost, I of course have to give props to the people. Everyone here is so sharp, intelligent, witty, humorous, outgoing, and most importantly—encouraging and supportive. When you’re surrounded by these types of personalities in your work environment, you have no other option but to grow and thrive personally and professionally. 

Second of all—my job. I consider myself lucky because I really enjoy what I do. Because content marketing and technology is an everchanging landscape that interacts with all of us on such a personal level, I love creating and delivering content in inventive ways. It’s also so rewarding to know that we’re part of a team of people who are creating this content to help CPA Exam candidates study for, take, and pass the Exam and go on to realize their life dreams. 

Lastly, I definitely left my heart in San Francisco. This town is great. I’m a train ride/walk away from a GAP sale, the best burrito place in the nation, Bi-Rite Creamery (you have to try their Snickerdoodle ice cream), and one of the best chai tea places ever. 

How does your current position influence what you’re passionate about? 

If you were to meet me as a kid (ignore the bowl shaped haircut–those are real, by the way), you would normally catch me doing one of 3 things: reading, writing, or doing arts and crafts. Or all 3 at the same time depending on my sugar intake. And that pretty much followed me my entire life. I graduated as an English major and was always told that I could open my own Etsy shop since I was always scrapbooking or creating bits and bobs. Because my position requires me to do a lot of writing, editing, and imagery design, I feel like it definitely encompasses my passions, allowing my creative and logical sides to work in tandem with one another. 

Who has impacted you most in your life and how? 

My parents. They’re amazing. They both emigrated from Vietnam to the U.S. during the war when they were in their teens. They finished high school and college here and made a life for themselves beginning with nothing. They are the most loving, kind, generous, funny, intelligent, and supportive people I’ve ever met. Their wisdom and strength has definitely formed me into the person I am today. Individually, they’re strong. Together, they’re concrete. They are who I strive to be as a person, sister, friend, and future parent/life partner. 

I’d also like to give a shout out to my fiancé, Mr. John Vu. He impacts me every day to be the best that I can be for myself and those around me. 

And last but not least, my dogs. Their amount of selflessness, unconditional love, loyalty, and pure joy for every day is a constant reminder of the world’s beauties. 

If you could go back in time and do one thing over, what would it be and why? 

I wouldn’t change a single thing. Every event that happened in my life happened because it was supposed to. Even when I got sent to the principal’s office in 4th grade for smearing chocolate cupcake frosting all over Abby Sanders’ dress because she took the last vanilla flavored cupcake. I regret nothing. NOTHING! 

What piece of career (or life) advice would you give to recent college graduates? 

Time and place are the two most important continuums of your life that make you who you are. They meet to form the worst of memories, best of times, strangest coincidences, and so much more. Remember that each of these events contribute something important to shape who you will become. Whether you decide to make the best of them every day is up to you! 

How do you plan to enjoy the fall season? 

By cuddling up with Summer, my Golden Retriever, and Muffin, my Yorkie Terrier! In addition, we will also be doing some of our most favoritest fall activities, such as eating, spending the holidays with family, and fireside book reading. We also love the outdoors and find there’s no better time to really appreciate camping and hiking than in the fall months when the trees are bare and the grounds are littered with leaves. And sweater shopping. I almost have one sweater for every day of October through December. Just a couple weeks’ shy. #Winning. 

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