Must Have Smart Phone Apps 2009/2010

Last year, around this time, we posted an article featuring some must have web applications to help CPA Exam candidates study more efficiently. Since that time, smartphones have exploded in popularity, with the obvious front runner being Apple’s ubiquitous iPhone. Embracing this cultural shift, some of the original web based applications we listed are now available as apps for mobile devices, while there are also entirely new apps that take advantage of the touch screen technology and wireless connectivity afforded by these new gadgets.

The following is our new list of the most useful apps for CPA Exam candidates on iPhone.

Remember the Milk The popular task manager makes the logical jump to smart phones, including Android-based devices and Blackberry. With an improved feature set that includes location sensitive alerts, and the ability to add and complete tasks on the go, RTM is a no-brainer.

Evernote: Another great web application that incorporates the uniquely mobile capabilities of your smart phone. Imagine surfing the web on your desktop, finding a great CPA Exam review tip, and storing it with Evernote. From there, you can log into your account using the iPhone app, and you’ll have access to that tip, or anything else you may have stored. Or, you can snap a photo, write a note, or favorite a tweet with your phone and have access to it whenever and wherever you are. Great for studying on the go.

gflash+ Create your own deck of flash cards to test your CPA Exam knowledge. Includes the capability to create multiple choice style questions, or ‘fill in the blank’ style questions. Use Google Docs to design, store and update your cards. Join a study group and have your study partners collaborate on creating a deck! BONUS: Another effective flash card app is Cram, although Cram doesn’t have the handy Google Docs support. It does, however, offer a handy test mode, intended to simulate testing conditions.

LinkedIn:  The most popular professional networking website in the world is now available in app form. This early version is missing some of the features offered by its web-based progenitor, but, still offers a robust experience. Discover new connections, catch up with old co-workers, get recommended, and find new opportunities.

BA II Plus Financial CalculatorDesigned to help users handle complex financial problems quickly, with functionality that greatly improves on the built in iPhone/iPod calculator. The app is styled to look and behave exactly like Texas Instruments’ best selling calculator, and can do everything from calculating amortization or interest conversions to problems requiring algebraic logic across multiple registries.

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