“My name is… and I am a Tax Advisor” – a Shocking Confession

Sick and tired of the same old accounting stereotypes? 
We are too, especially after last night’s Boring Is Optional offers hundreds of stories, jokes, videos, anecdotes, links and quotes relating to accountants, accountancy and tax related topics.


My name is. And I am a tax adviser a shocking confession”

The following appeared at the start of a two-page article in Taxation magazine (6 June 2013):

My name is Sarah Saunders and I am a tax adviser. Clearly, I cannot be proud to admit this shameful fact; if I were appearing on television I would be portrayed in silhouette only and an actor would speak my words.
I was innocent once, but I was lured into dabbling in tax while taking my degree. How could I have known that I was involved in something immoral?
All the people I worked with seemed nice and respectable; they talked about things like professional ethics. I had no idea I was being inducted into a conspiracy to defraud the British People.

Sarah then references the chairman of the Public Accounts Committees insinuation that tax advisers are part of a Machiavellian evil conspiracy.
Sarahs article concludes:

We need to [be able to] say: I’m a tax adviser and I’m proud. Perhaps we should organize some marches and wear some suitably messaged T-shirts? Mind you, if anyone asks my profession at the moment, I think Ill claim to be something more socially acceptable; for example, a traffic warden or a walking billboard
What are some accounting stereotypes that drive you crazy? Any relating to your CPA Exam studies? Share them in the comments below!

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