Need a Break from CPA Exam Studies? Then Take One!

CPA Exam got you down? If you’re feeling like life is one constant study session with no recess bell in sight, then stop right there! Taking mental health breaks can not only keep you sane on this arduous journey, but you will actually study better and retain more information with a fresh brain. 

So don’t feel bad for taking breaks. In fact, schedule them into every study session you take on, and know that they are essential parts of the CPA Exam preparation process. Take a break from the books and roughhouse with your kids, share a glass of wine and hearty laughter with your spouse, or go on a long walk in nature before winter shows up at your door. You deserve it!

Be careful though– frequent little breaks tend to add up quickly and often set you back in your study progress. Just like Roger says, “if you study, you will pass.” So just stick to your plan, and you too will succeed!

To get the ball rolling, here’s one of our favorite accounting jokes that’s circling the web:

You Might Be An Accountant If…

  •    You refer to your child as Deduction 214
  •    You have no idea that GAP is also a clothing store
  •    At the movie Indecent Proposal you did a NPV calculation
  •    Getting to sleep is an exciting event that you look forward to all day long
  •    Your idea of thrashing your hotel room is refusing to fill out the guest comment card
  •    You are doing it now because you checked the file and found that you did it last year
  •    You decide to change your name to a symbol and you choose the double underline

Good luck, everyone!

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