Networking: Transitioning from Student to Professional


In part 4 of our professional network series with Roger CPA Review’s Senior Business Development Director, Tom Rogowski, CPA, discusses how students transitioning from the academic to professional world can leverage their networking opportunities. 

Many new college graduates who go from being a student to a working professional will see that their networking skills tend to shift from being externally focused to internally focused. What this means is that rather than networking at Meet the Firms events or career fairs on campus, you’re now networking within your own organization. 

This type of networking can be different in a variety of ways. Now, instead of networking to simply find a job, you’re now networking to maintain and grow your position within your organization and industry. 

Here’s what you can do in order to boost your internal networking skills and make the most out of your transition.

1. Start a new hire networking group.

There are certain challenges that you will face when transitioning from student to professional, and having that peer networking group allows you to dialogue with individuals who are in your shoes. You’ll all have similar perspectives and be similar situations, so you’ll have a better support system to face the similar challenges you’re experiencing. 

2. Find mentors within your organization. 

Connect with individuals who have a lot of experience and insight to offer. Don’t rely specifically on formal mentoring programs because, to be quite honest, it’s the informal mentors that will help you along the way the most. Build those relationships and explore your opportunities for growth. Talk to those who hold positions in different areas and are doing things you may want to do yourself in the future. Pick their brains, ask them how they got to where they are today, and what you can do to maximize your potential and fuel your passion for accounting. 

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