New CPA Exam Guest Blogger: Kerry

Please give a warm welcome to another new member of our guest blogger series! Kerry is currently studying for the FAR Exam, getting a fresh start with Roger CPA Review after having a bad experience with another review course. Follow along as Kerry attacks her studies and works hard to maintain her momentum.

Hi I’m Kerry. After I graduated in December 2012, I started working at a local CPA firm just two days after my last final! It was interesting trying to juggle work, studying for the CPA Exam, and family life. More recently, I started a new job in July. Living with my husband and our two cats in SoCal, I enjoy ballroom dancing, watching The Blacklist with my husband (its our show), and traveling. However, many things have been put on a temporary hiatus as I work to get the exam out of the way. Although, I still owe my family in Europe a visit potential reward for passing the big exam? Hmm, there’s an idea! Anyway, I’m new to blogging and new to Roger CPA Review, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you and we’ll see how this thing goes…

In my opinion, the name of the game for studying really is momentum. I remember this crazy roller coaster at Hershey Park. It started with a steep – as in nearly vertical – climb way up into the air that felt like forever. Then you came almost straight back down and you’re off.  Its the perfect visual of how hard it was to get over my mental hurdle to start studying again, but then once you get going, there is no slowing down!

I procrastinated forever after not passing REG by 2 points! Grrr! I just didn’t want to dive back in when I felt like Id lost 3 months of effort. I was wiped out from tax season, bummed out and, frankly, a little mad. I had felt prepared going in, but about 10 questions into the exam, I knew I really wasn’t. A coworker/cheerleader of mine kept pushing me to get back into it. Since I felt my last review course had SERIOUSLY let me down, I realized I wasn’t going to get any more optimistic or enthusiastic doing the same thing, so I used this as a chance to start fresh. I had wanted to use Roger CPA Review from the start but didn’t – don’t you hate when you don’t listen to your gut and you end up paying for it?

So now, I have Roger which is SO much more motivating than my old course and forced myself to get started right away. And to tell you the truth, once I jumped back in, I felt a lot better. I also invested in the new Roger CPA Review MC Question App so I can quiz myself during the day and on the go. I’ll keep you posted how that works out!

When you hit a bump in the road, its easy to lose some momentum. But if you stall too long it only gets harder to get back on the horse. When you’re having a hard time getting started or keeping going, imagine the roller coaster and remember its smoother sailing once you get over that first hurdle. Find a cheerleader to encourage you and hold you accountable to your study plan. Figure out what tools you need and what methods work best for you and then keep on keepin’ on. Good luck!

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