New CPA Exam Guest Blogger: Steven P.

We’re excited to introduce our newest guest blogger, Steven! Steven is on his way to passing all 4 parts of the CPA Exam and we can’t wait to get to know him better as he shares his journey with you.

My name is Steven and  I live in Morton Grove, IL. I enjoy exercising, sports, anything regarding computers such as the various programming languages from the perspective of a system’s analyst, history, the fine arts, and coffee. I love to run medium-long distances and bike. I also like to read about the history of different countries and about different cultures. I have aspirations to help people start companies and design the structure of their businesses and look forward to working in the field as a CPA. I’m inspired by people and this gives me motivation.

This is my first blog post so Id like to introduce myself with a quick overview of where Im at in the CPA exam process and how I’ve gotten here. I’ve currently passed REG and FAR and an studying for AUD. Ill now delve into the order of my exams and some insights that I’ve gained thus far regarding review courses.

I took REG first without ever taking any tax classes in college except for some really easy ones – they were easy but I didn’t learn much. I graduated some time ago when there was a less comprehensive education regarding taxation in most curriculum. So I went to community college while I was working and took a few tax classes. I received As in both and was invited to the honors program there, but I already had my degree so I declined politely. I left feeling really confident with a solid foundation in taxation, one that I missed out on during college. So for all you out there who have been out of school for some time, you may not need to go back to school like I did for a few semesters, but dont feel too bad about your situation, especially if you dont pass right away. Stay determined and keep on paddling upstream. This is exam is worth the climb.

I took REG after taking some classes in taxation and blasted through the exam with a score almost in the 90s. I noticed a pattern though after taking my next exam, FAR. The first time I took the exams, I didn’t do too well, but the second time I performed very well…In the past I noticed it took me a long time to get through the lectures.  I think this was the reason why I didn’t do so good the first time I took the exams – I always went in without finishing the review course but the review courses were so boring they put me to sleep every night.

It also took me two tries to pass FAR. My first score was abysmal for Id only finished forty percent of the review course before I sat for the exam. My second score was something to be proud of, but I was looking to tweak my performance to pass on my first try or at least get a decent score.

This is where Roger enters the scene for me. I initially saw Roger by word of mouth on message boards – which paradoxically I don’t recommend visiting while studying. I watched his course on YouTube and promised myself that I would order his class if I didn’t pass FAR the second time. Well I passed FAR the second time. I’ve been studying for Auditing and my goal for AUD is to pass with a great score on my first time; I am using Roger as the nucleus to my review regiment.

I have about 30 days until I take AUD and I’ve already finished all the multiple choice questions in the course. I was doing about 100 a day for a few weeks if I could. I recently purchased the new CPA Exam MC Question App for IOS as well and highly recommend using it. If you’re not using Roger then definitely consider getting an APP with questions to supplement your review anyways. I like Rogers app because the user interface is streamlined and polished and real easy to use before bed or while you’re at the library and the explanations to the answers or why the answers are wrong is par excellent. I think I’ve reached my limit though so I’m going to sign off with this: remember that if you’re taking the CPA exam you’re in a great spot simply by getting here. Now climb a little higher and seize your destiny. If it takes a little longer, so what? Don’t let that be a reason to give up on an opportunity to grow and learn.

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