New Guest Blogger Angela: Her CPA Exam Journey

Angela joins our team of fantastic guest bloggers today! She has experience as an auditor and some background in the corporate finance field. Angela has a great story to tell and we welcome her to our blog.

Hello!  My name is Angela and I live in the great city of Chicago.  My CPA journey began several years ago.   Upon graduation, I began working in public accounting as an auditor.  After obtaining 150 credit hours I started studying for the CPA exam using another CPA review program. The first section I tackled was AUD.  This section was relatively easier for me than others because I was an auditor.  After receiving my passing score, I decided I needed a few weeks off before I started studying for FAR.  Those few weeks ended up turning into a few months busy season came and I just couldnt find the time or energy to study.  Finally, I buckled down, studied and passed FAR.  I had one year to complete BEC and REG.  Piece of cake, right? 

I decided to take BEC next. I had heard from several others that BEC was much easier than the other sections.  At that time there were no simulations just multiple choice questions.  After FAR I was starting to feel tired and was getting sick of studying those feelings were reflected in my failing score.  After a few weeks of feeling sorry for myself, I got right back on the horse and started studying again.  Again I failed.  This time my score was worse than the first time I took it.  I started questioning if I could really pass this test.  Again, after a few motivational conversations from my family and friends, I decided the third time was a charm and studied again.  I studied harder for BEC than any of my other exams.  This time I received a 73.  

At that point I was so exhausted and depressed that I couldnt pass BEC.  With the expiration of AUD and FAR coming up, I panicked. Instead of trying again, I gave up.  I just couldnt take another failing score.  

During this time, I left public accounting and moved into a corporate financial reporting role.  I told myself I needed time to adapt to my position.  After about year, I was ready to fully dedicate myself to sit for the CPA exam again.  A friend of mine from Chicago moved to San Francisco.  He was also preparing for the exam and every time I talked to him, Roger CPA Review kept coming up.  At one point, he even sang for me Rogers very famous TT-BPO-75 or 90 song!  I just had to check this Roger guy out!  After reviewing Rogers website and a few You Tube videos, I was excited (yes excited!) to start studying again.  Roger is so motivating, so funny and most importantly, he makes it seem like the CPA exam is completely do-able!  (If you study, you will pass!). 

Last week I just started studying for REG with Rogers materials. Although there is a lot of material on this exam, I love the way Roger has broken it down to bite size chunks. I have currently passed AUD.  I am very anxiously awaiting my results on BEC (fingers crossed, everyone!) I look forward to sharing my continued journey of becoming a CPA with all of you!  

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