New Year, New Course: Join the Evolution!

Learning has evolved, thus inspiring the evolution of the Roger CPA Review course. We’ve worked round-the-clock to provide students with the most effective CPA Exam preparation system.  Much of this time has been spent talking to our students, planning and testing to identify core learning practices, continuously asking ourselves, “how will this help our students pass?”  

Our dedicated team is very excited as we ring in 2014 with a newly evolved course focused on fully integrated, bite-sized study plans. Here is an excerpt from a recent press release explaining how and why it works:

Today’s students consume information quickly via mobile devices and social media, and their study habits follow suit, said [Kristin] Lynes, [Vice President of Roger CPA Review].  For this reason, the course is broken down into easy to retain topic based lessons.  One lesson consists of 30 minutes or less of instruction, a chapter from the textbook and Interactive Practice Questions. 

All course materials are part of an intuitive e-learning platform, and comprised of 100% Roger CPA Review content.  This ensures a cohesive study experience.  Founder Roger Philipp, CPA teaches every lecture and has worked with a team of experts to write the accompanying textbooks and study questions.  Philipp is well-known in the industry for his motivating teaching methods. As our course continues to evolve, my attention remains on our students, said Philipp. My job is to keep them focused only on what they need to know to pass the CPA Exam and move on with their lives.

We look forward to seeing the next wave of CPA Exam candidates join the evolution and succeed!

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