One Hour, One Point and the CPA Exam

The daughter of one of my colleagues is also preparing for the CPA Exam.  She  graduated from college and took the entire summer break to prepare full time for the CPA exam.  To be frank, I am a bit jealous because I have to handle both work and study at the same time.  I know a lot of candidates are suffering a similar situation: work during the day and study at night. Feeling exhausted with this schedule is absolutely normal.

Obviously,  if we dont study, we won’t pass. So, how do we keep ourselves motivated?

When I’m not feeling up to studying after work, I usually tell myself that one hour of studying equals one point on the CPA Exam. I know that the conversion rate is not quite this simple.  Many people do say, that in order to pass, an individual must spend at least 100 hours on each subject.  From this aspect, one hour does mean one score point or one percent likelihood to pass!

Try this trick the next time you want to hit the bed without studying. It works well for me. I hope it will give you incentive to work that additional hour, too!

– International guest blogger, Crystal.

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