Passing the CPA Exam as a Full-Time Husband, Father & Director of Finance Systems


When I looked at other CPA review course demos and looked at Roger’s Demo course for FAR, I liked the way Roger kept the training for his course very interactive and cleared the concepts via examples. This has been a key aspect for me as without clarity of concepts, I cannot study. I liked Roger’s teaching of course via Practical examples which keeps the course interesting. I also liked the high energy and amount of humor which Roger is very good at. That way you do not feel bored for some not-so-interesting topics. Also, Rogers books and notes are to the point. The new section for practice questions and simulations also helped me pass the exams.

My key to success 

The most important things that helped me pass all 4 sections of the Exam on my first try is regularity, sincerity, passion, a good instructor (Mr. Roger), and help from my wife to take care of the twins. These were the key to my success to my passing on first attempt. One thing I would tell any new student is to study every day for at least 2 hours during the weekdays and 3 hours during the weekends. Do this for 3 months and you will have the key to success. I used to play the Roger course on my phone and listen to that while commuting to and from work . That constituted 1 hour of studying and then I would read the notes on what I was listening to while commuting. Also, follow Roger’s instructions of doing the practice questions and simulations at least 3 times. This will be great help in understanding the problem and solution more. 

Anyone can do it 

Because I also had a very hectic work life being Director of Finance Systems in an organization, I had a pretty responsible position and had lots of work on my plate. But I made it a point to study every single day and keep to that routine. I am a prime example of how prosperity in passing is regularity and discipline. So for all you full-time working candidates, whether you’re married, single, in a relationship or are single, use Roger’s CPA course, study with sincerity and regularity,and I guarantee you will get there.

All the best,


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