Quality Not Quantity: CPA Exam Studying

Hi everyone! I hope your studying is going well. I have been busy pounding away on REG homework questions. There are SO many questions for this section. While there aren’t as many involved and complex calculations (at least in the sections I have completed), there are still a lot of questions to get through.  On the days when I do homework questions I am not as motivated as other days when I watch Rogers lectures. For those of you already enrolled in Rogers CPA Review, you know what I’m talking about (e.g. sneezing with his eyes open, singing songs, telling hilarious stories etc.)! This past weekend I slotted time for questions both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I went to my local library to study. I realized after I unpacked my books, notebooks and flash cards that I had forgotten my cell phone. I thought about going home and getting it but then decided to just to start studying and take a break later to run home.

It ended up being one of the most productive study sessions I have had in a long time and I never went home to get my phone! I am very diligent about my studies; however, after completing 50 questions or so its very easy to take a 5 minute break to check your e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, text your friends and family etc. Sometimes for me that 5 minute break turns into 20 minutes and I will take several breaks when I’m studying all day on the weekends.  

I got through so many questions and reviewed extra material I hadn’t planned for.  I know this isn’t breaking news for anyone but without the cell phone/internet temptation there, I got through more material and was not at the library as long as I planned to be.  I thought this might be a helpful reminder for those of us who feel like we do nothing but study.  Take a look at your routine are you being as productive as you know you can be?  Are you focused?  Do you really comprehend the material? These are very simple things that we all know but I thought it might be a helpful reminder!  

Take care,


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