Real Testimonials from Real Students and Real CPAs

During score release season, there’s no sweeter sound than the ding of an incoming email signifying the promise of another student testimonial! Were so grateful for our wonderful students who have provided insightful testimonials accounting their experience with their Roger CPA Review course. Cue the Chariots of Fire and go nab some tissues, these ones are real tear jerkers!

“Just wanted you to know that I have Roger CPA Review to thank for my recent exam success. Thanks for helping to make this long time dream a reality.” ~ Brandy

“Thank you so much for making the hard stuff seem easy.” ~ Fontaine

“Dont fool yourself, studying for this test can be a grind, both mentally and emotionally. Roger helped calm the nerves (even making me laugh on many occasions) making this long process as pleasant as it inherently could be. Thanks again Roger!” ~Tommy

“Not only did I pass, I crushed my previous scores by 19 points! And I owe it to you. Not only did you teach the material to help me pass, you provided me the confidence and moxie to pass the exam. For that I thank you.” ~ Patrick, Bank of America

You saved my career thanks to your dynamic classes and you kept my motivation up until the end.” ~ Helene, Deloitte

“I started my journey July 27, 2007 when I took my first exam, and after 4 years 1 month and 26 days on September 22, 2011, my journey came to an end when I passed. I took the exam a total of 23 times (AUD 8 times, FAR 7 times, BEC 5 times, REG 3 times).If I had it to do all over again I would have started with Roger CPA Review from the start. Rogers motivation, high energy, knowledge about the subjects, and his examples made studying actually fun and made me want to watch the lectures and learn the material.” ~Matt, Deloitte

“I am finally a CPA! After a year and a half studying and hundreds of cups of coffee, I have finally passed all parts of the CPA exam! After failing BEC and AUD I honestly felt that I would never accomplish my goal of becoming a CPA. I started with another review program and after wasting time, money and not getting passing results, I switched to Roger. I studied with the USB drive which was very convient for me and my schedule. After switching to Roger I was able to pass Auditing with a 92 and just passed FAR to complete my series of testing. (REG-75 BEC-80 AUD-92 FAR-78) I have always been a decent student through school, only getting one C in my whole academic career. Little did I know that I was in for a wake up call when sitting for these exams. They can shake your confidence and these tests can make you lose faith in yourself but do not let them! Be determined, study hard and do exactly what Roger wants you to do and you will become a CPA. Roger lays out a detailed study plan, follow it!”~ Greg, Youngstown State University

Thanks for your continued support and congratulations on your promising future as a CPA!

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