Recent Grads: Top 3 Tips to Catapult Your CPA Career

As graduation ceremonies come to an end, and the last cap hits the gymnasium floor, its an aspiring CPAs cue to hit something else: their CPA.  Tune in below for our Top 3 Tips to catapult your CPA career post-graduation.

Don’t Wait: Yes, it may be more enticing to jet off on a summer trip to Cabo with friends, but studies show that the sooner you study and sit for the CPA Exam, the better. Not only are you still in school-mode, but life’s a lot less busy in your early twenties. Trust us. Apply for a CPA Review Scholarship valued at $2095. Deadline: June 30th, 2012.

Aim High and Explore: You just got a rockin’ Accounting degree don’t settle for your old summer camp counselor job that you held in high school. Not only does that have zilch to do with your career aspirations, but you cant count it as licensed hours under a CPA when you’re applying for licensure. Explore even if you aren’t lucking out with your dream job at the Big 4, scope out some awesome accounting internships or gigs at local firms. Who knows? You might even decide you like one field more than what you previously thought.

Be Smart and Network: You’ll hear it time and time again, but well tell you another time: connections are key. First, however, finesse your Linkedin page, privatize your Facebook and dump your MySpace comeon, that stuffs just old.  You never know who you’ll meet during your job hunt, and how they’ll choose to stalk you afterward. You’d hate to think that your grad party pics prevented you from landing your dream job, right?

Congratulations graduates! Don’t live down to expectations.  Go out there and do something remarkable.  ~Wendy Wasserstein

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