Recruiting 101 for the Accounting Student

Today, the number of student accounting candidates looking to get recruited and hired is growing at a vast rate, partly in due to the great job outlook of public accountants. With more competition in the job market, it’s becoming increasingly crucial to not only have a great resume but also be able to market yourself to stand out from the candidate pool. Here we have our Recruiting 101, a how-to guide on getting that dream job!

  • Networking does pay off–Use heavily trafficked recruiter sites like LinkedIn to post your resume and join accounting-related and similar interest groups within your area. Join the accounting club at your school and attending meetings will make you up to date on industry hiring events (and looks great on your resume!) Roger Philipp, CPA speaks about what you can do to ace recruiting events such as Meet the Firms, below:
  • Get an internship–It’s great to have professional experience even before you’re actually hired–having the experience and references of accounting professionals gives you an upper hand to getting noticed. Browse your school’s job board where you can find internships that qualify for school credit.

  • Dress to impress–Its no surprise that first impressions are huge, especially when you’re trying to get hired! Whether its a first round interview or a general job fair, you want to communicate that you are indeed ready to make the jump from student to accounting professional. Pant and skirt suits in classic styles are great, just make sure to stick to neutral colors. Grooming is equally important as hair should be clean and neat, with no large accessories/hair coloring.

  • Resume. Yes that thing–Your resume is more than just a piece of paper, as it should be an individually tailored document to specific skills and experience for the position being applied for. Remember, companies are looking to hire people, not robots! Don’t forget the equally important cover letter introducing yourself and explaining why you’d be a great asset to the company.

  • Do your research–It’s important to know a company’s background that is going to be at a recruiting event, meet the firms or another type any other type of hiring fair. Knowing facts and news regarding the company will make you standout amongst the generic “hello and goodbye” folks. Was there a recent merge? Has the company been on any top 100 lists? Any of these would be a great conversation starter and way to break the ice with recruiters.

  • Last but not least, be yourself! Confidence is a universally attractive trait and recruiters can easily spot those that truly believe in their own capabilities–so shine on!

As always we are here to answer any questions you may have–callemail or post anytime!


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