Roger CPA Review Gives Back: Hands on Atlanta & Ronald McDonald


This week, we’re celebrating the launch of our company-wide program, #RogerCPAReviewGivesBack, an employee volunteer initiative where team members across the country are encouraged to take time out of their regular work days to give back to an organization of their choice. 

We continue featuring different employees partaking in this initiative in a series we’re calling “Volunteer Spotlight.” Today we’re highlighting team members who gave back by helping prepare or package food to those in need. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Toni Williams

Toni Williams, our Senior Southeast Representative, sorted, bagged, and distributed food to families in crisis in the city of Atlanta. 

Hands on Atlanta/SouthWest Ecumenical Emergency Assistance Center (SWEEAC)

Hands On Atlanta helps individuals, families, corporate and community groups strengthen Greater Atlanta through service at more than 400 nonprofit organizations and schools.  Hands On Atlanta volunteers are at work every day of the year tutoring and mentoring children, helping individuals and families make pathways out of poverty, improving Atlanta’s environment, and more. 

Toni’s Experience

“I volunteered with the SouthWest Ecumenical Emergency Assistance Center to distribute food to families in crisis in Southwest Atlanta. I found them through a great organization called Hands on Atlanta. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as this was my first time working with them. When I arrived there were already so many people there waiting to get a place in line to receive food. I was amazed that so many volunteers showed up and that they ranged in age from children to adults.

We sorted and bagged fresh produce, water, pantry items, and frozen chicken (men received a special toiletry pack for Father’s Day and everyone received an energy efficient light set for their home). The process was so organized and efficient. The most rewarding part was being able to give the bags of food to the people who literally waited hours in line that would maybe last their families a little over a week. We helped them carry the items to their cars and got back in line to assist the next family. It reminded me not to take for granted being able to go to the grocery store and being able to afford to feed myself and my pets. There was such a strong sense of community among everyone and wanting to work together to help those in need.” –Toni Williams

Volunteer Spotlight #2: San Francisco Office Team Members

Sara Popken (Director of eCommerce), Darren Thomas-Menter (Operations Manager), Armin Lindegger (Project Manager), Matt Boronkay (Marketing analyst), Christine Nguyen (Content Coordinator), and Quintasia Walker (Customer Care Representative)  got together to cook a meal for families staying at the Ronald McDonald house in San Francisco. 

Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco

Ronald McDonald House charities help families stay together during the critical illness of a child. They offer a home away from home, home-cooked meals, and supportive services for families while their children receive specialized medical treatment in hospitals. 

Their Experience

“San Francisco is an amazing city, and we’re so lucky to come to work in a place that’s so full of possibility and diversity. However, there are also many families and people in need here, especially families who are going through the tough experience of providing medical care for their children who are suffering from severe illnesses. 

We decided to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco not only because it’s an organization near and dear to one of our team member’s hearts, but also because it really reflects the type of personality this city has: a place that can allow you to go anywhere, but that will also offer you a helping hand if you just ask. 

Our team had an awesome time purchasing groceries, preparing/cooking the food, and serving it to these families who, at the end of the day, would just like a hot, home-cooked meal. The most rewarding part was hearing the families give us a wholehearted “Thank you” as we were wrapping things up. It was a great experience and we look forward to the next volunteer opportunity!” –Christine Nguyen

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