Roger CPA Review Gives Back: Health and Fitness


Yesterday, we announced the launch of our company-wide program, #RogerCPAReviewGivesBack, an employee volunteer initiative where team members across the country are encouraged to take time out of their regular work days to give back to an organization of their choice. 

This entire week, we will be featuring different employees partaking in this initiative in a series we’re calling “Volunteer Spotlight.” Our first spotlight featured Charlotte Roberts, Vice President of e-Learning, volunteering as a clerk at her local polling place for the Primary Election. Today we’ll be taking a peek at what some of our team members did to promote health and fitness in their communities. 

Volunteer Spotlight #1: Tyler Skelton 

Tyler Skelton, our Senior West Coast Representative, dedicated his volunteer hours to his local Middle School, in an annual event they put together every year.

Running of the Green

Every year, Stewart Middle School in Tacoma, WA hosts a 1.5 mile running race called “Running of the Green.” The race is open to all students from different nearby schools, and every finisher receives a ribbon once they reach the finish line. This year, the race was held on June 15th and included over 100 student racers and 20 adult volunteers who stood at each street corner along the course to monitor the racers, cheer them on, and keep them safe. 

Tyler’s Experience

“I believe in today’s age that it’s easy for kids to lose track of how important it is to be fit and healthy–especially with the advancement of technology and all the gadgets that they spend their time on. I think it’s important that kids begin a healthy lifestyle now to shape their future as adults, which is why I chose to volunteer for this event. 

I had a great time assisting faculty and other family members/parents at this annual event that promotes healthy youth by getting them to exercise and do outdoor activities. While my job was to cheer on students and ensure their safety near the road during the race, I also helped set up, check in participants, and let them know where to go throughout the day. 

I am grateful that I work for a company that cares about giving back to our communities. I appreciated the flexibility of Roger CPA Review in allowing me to take time out of the work day to invest my time in something I care about. This experience was very rewarding for me and I look forward to continuing my support for our youth and promoting healthy activities.”  

Volunteer Spotlight #2: Lindsey Boehme 

Lindsey Boehme, our Business Development Support Manager, enjoyed a day in the sun helping Sierra Harvest further their mission of educating and providing families with fresh and local food. 

Food Love Project 

Sierra Harvest’s mission is to educate, inspire, and connect Nevada County families to fresh, local, seasonal food.  Sierra Harvest’s Food Love Project is an educational farm devoted to promoting nutrition education, food security, and community involvement in growing, harvesting, eating, and celebrating fresh food! They host field trips, service projects, U-pick vegetable nights, and  workdays for community organizations.  The farm is located at the Burton Homestead on land donated from Bear Yuba Land Trust.  

Lindsey’s Experience

“I am a huge supporter of both good health and education–which is why volunteering for the Food Love Project was a perfect way to spend half of my work day. This organization is a fantastic educational farm where more than 1,700 students learn about where food comes from and get first-hand experience working on a farm. I think it’s so important for kids to understand at an early age how sustenance goes from farm to table, and it’s a wonderful learning experience for them to keep in mind to start a healthy lifestyle as they get older.

I am so appreciative of Roger CPA Review for creating this volunteer program, supporting staff efforts to help make a difference for good in our communities.  It was so fun getting down in the dirt with the other wonderful staff and volunteers to help this great cause that contributes so much to my area.  I can’t wait to see how other members of the Roger CPA Review team got involved, sharing the positive RCPAR culture throughout the country!” 

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