Roger CPA Review Gives Back: Tri-City Animal Shelter & Adoption Center


This week, we’re celebrating the launch of our company-wide program, #RogerCPAReviewGivesBack, an employee volunteer initiative where team members across the country are encouraged to take time out of their regular work days to give back to an organization of their choice. 

To wrap up our “Volunteer Spotlight” series, we’ll be featuring team members who spent their volunteer time at a local animal shelter. See great photos of what Ashley and Dede did below! 

Volunteer Spotlight: Ashley Barnhart & Dede Nwanguma 

Ashley Barnhart (eCommerce Marketing Coordinator) and Dede Nwanguma (Business Development Representative, Texas) played with cats/kittens individually, cleaned out their kennel, and replenished their litter, food, and water.

Tri-City Animal Shelter & Adoption Center

Their mission is to provide exemplary care for impounded and unwanted animals through redemption, adoption, and public education. They work as a team to make a positive difference in the lives of people and animals. The shelter receives stray, lost, and unwanted animals from the citizens and animal control officers of Cedar Hill, DeSoto, and Duncanville.

Their Experience

“Dede and I decided to volunteer at the Tri-City Animal Shelter and Adoption Center because we both live in the South Dallas area, which has a huge animal overpopulation problem. As pet owners, we both love animals and are passionate about giving them the best life possible. We also wanted to help our community directly, which is what this organization does. We admired the way they educate the community and provide valuable resources to help unwanted, lost, or stray animals find a forever home. One of our favorite little kittens (Spazz) that we loved playing with got adopted when we were there!

What we also liked about this shelter is that the coordinator described it as a “modern” designed shelter. The cats are located at the front of the building, right at the check in desk, for a couple of reasons. The most obvious is that cats hate loud noises, so this protects them from the non-stop barking of the dog runs. The second is much more clever–cats are harder to adopt out than dogs. So if visitors see cats first, it helps them become more open to the idea. 

Secondly, the dog runs were also purposefully organized. They put the larger breeds toward the front, and the smaller breeds in the back. Small breed dogs are highly adoptable, while the larger ones are a bit more difficult; so the idea again is having visitors be more open to adopting larger dogs by allowing them to see them first. 

Overall, Dede and I had a great time helping out. Playing with the cats/kittens while making sure their kennels were comfortable and clean gave us great pleasure and we look forward to coming back again in the future!” –Ashley Barnhart 

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