CPARoger CPA Review

Roger CPA Review: A Student Evaluation

It’s time to start preparing for the CPA Exam. Which review course do you choose? We recently received a detailed review of the Roger CPA Review Course from current Roger student and Texas resident Nikki Minter. We hope this evaluation will be of value to you as you search for the perfect review course to suit your CPA Exam study needs. Enjoy!

The study planner is awesome. It really is very easy to be able to have a social life during CPA studying using Roger. It makes it nice because I can see how many hours each day I’m going to need to be studying and as long as I follow through with what is listed and not get distracted, I can be done studying in as little as 5 hours a day and I see classmates/friends spending 10+ hours a day trying to get all the required work done for their CPA review materials. And honestly, that doesn’t concern me. I feel as though I have a good accounting foundation, but Roger is helping me solidify those areas I’m not as strong in and get the things I need to know for the exam put into memory and it’s working. 

I can already say that over the past few days, I’ve made several classmates jealous that they aren’t using Roger and using other CPA review materials. One of my friends has already commented “I’m mad that I didn’t do Roger. I should have done Roger too.” and that was just on day one of CPA studying! I’m extremely glad that I am doing Roger CPA Review as just in the first few days, there are things I was having trouble remembering through my audit classes but I already know it now with Roger’s mnemonic devices. I was talking to some classmates about one of them and they were all in awe of the things I already know and have memorized and they’ve been doing their review course for a couple of weeks now.

Just from my observations of classmates using Becker, Roger CPA Review really is so much better. I briefly watched a friend as they were doing their first lecture and all it was telling them was “highlight this, underline or circle that,” and it was just a copy of the book on the screen and I got bored very quickly and went back to doing what I was working on before looking at their screen. I really think that having the live instructor and not just regurgitating what is listed in the book but lecturing over it and being able to follow along, making notes when I want to on stuff makes it a better learning experience. Additionally, it makes it better that you actually see the instructor, and it’s the same one every time, who is giving albeit somewhat cheesy examples at times, but that’s what makes it easier to remember the information. Like I said before, I’m really glad I’m doing Roger CPA Review as opposed to what many classmates are using since he makes it entertaining and his examples and mnemonic devices are much more helpful at remembering this stuff.

So far, that’s just my comments over the course and I’ve only been doing this since Monday for the Audit section. It’s just nice knowing that CPA studying isn’t the most fun thing in the world to do, but he’s making it an entertaining experience and much easier to get through. After talking with classmates and seeing how long they’ve put into studying so far and how little they are remembering after doing it for weeks, really makes me glad I’m doing Roger CPA Review and can’t wait to go through the other sections and knock this test out!