Roger CPA Review’s New Course Diagnostics & Progress Assessment


“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” -Benjamin Franklin

Comprised of 4 different parts and a recommended 400 hours of studying, the CPA Exam is no easy feat.

Which is why we constantly tell our students that passing the CPA Exam is not a test of intelligence, but a test of discipline. Focusing on the “Practice” portion of our 3-part Learning Methodology, our Course Diagnostics/Progress Assessment tool gives students the system they need to completely track the development of their studies to make sure they are on task with their study plans and are ready to tackle the Exam.

By giving students access to these visual and numerical diagnostics, Roger CPA Review participates in an eLearning technique also known as gamification.

Described as using “game attributes to drive game-like player behavior in a non-game context” by Lithium’s Scientist of Analytics Michael Wu, gamification in our context calls upon the inner competitive nature of students to essentially compete against themselves, triggering intrinsic motivation. By seeing their Course Diagnostics in terms of progress and completion for each part of the CPA Exam, students are more motivated to outdo themselves as they continue to reach more milestones in their studies and become a few steps closer to obtaining CPA licensure.

When students enter their Student Dashboard, the Course Outline details exactly where they are in each part of their studies (BEC, AUD, FAR, and REG), including when the course expires and the percentage of completion for each, visually depicted by a circular ring.

For whichever tab part is selected, a drop down menu appears that lists all of the major sections each part comprises as well as how many smaller subsections are within each. This is delineated on the right hand side which shows how many of those subsections have been viewed out of how many there are total.

Students can additionally track their progress for each subsection by looking at the corresponding progression bar which details a visual and numeral percentage of the material they’ve covered. By seeing when they last viewed a particular section as well as the ability to navigate directly to any notes or bookmarks, students know exactly where they are in every aspect of their studies.

Additionally, our Course Diagnostics are also directly linked to another tool we offer students to continue to help them along the way: The Personal Trainer.

Focused on the “Support” portion of our Learning Methodology, The Personal Trainer delivers tips, tricks and motivational encouragement directly to each student’s inbox. Because this feature is tied to the individual student’s course, they will receive tailored information based on their own progress such as exam date reminders, milestones in course completion, and direction to helpful resources based on where they are in their studies.

This extra boost of motivation and support provides many students with just what they need to reach the finish line enthusiastically and smoothly, showing how “Practice” and “Support” work in tandem with one another to lead students to CPA Exam success.

Leave us a comment below for any additional questions about our new course features or to share your own progress/assessment stories!

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