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Our students asked and we delivered! On June 2nd we announced the launch of our fully upgraded Interactive Practice Questions (IPQ) and CPA Exam Simulation software system. The upgraded features to our IPQs are a result of student feedback and an answer to industry demand to incorporate the 2017 CPA Exam changes

In order for us to meet the needs of our students and to ensure that we are providing the most advanced features to our upgraded IPQ software, we worked with the profession’s top educators, eLearning software developers, our research & design team, and current students. Our new system continues to focus on adaptive learning techniques and includes enhancements to both user experience and student study efficiency.

Another significant update to our IPQ is the inclusion of the highly anticipated and new Task-Based Simulation (TBS) question type, Document Review Simulations (DRS).  Our students can now get hands-on experience with actual DRS in order to build familiarity and confidence with these types of problems to be properly prepared when the DRS make their debut on the CPA Exam on July 1, 2016. 

Other upgrades to our IPQ include:

  • More complex Task-Based Simulations to challenge and test our students’ knowledge—that look, feel, and function even more like the CPA Exam!
  • Increased Adaptive Learning options, including more customization options when building quizzes 
  • Improved User Experience to match recent CPA Exam updates 
  • Randomized Multiple Choice Questions answers to promote learning over memorization

We also continuously improve features within our system that lead to our students’ success:

  • 5,000+ MCQ and TBS including AICPA-Released Questions 
  • Robust diagnostic reporting to assess strengths and weaknesses 
  • Full answer explanations as to why each answer is correct or incorrect 
  • CPA Exam Simulator with an unlimited amount of full-length practice exams

Below is feedback we’ve received from our students about our upgraded IPQ and CPA Exam Simulation software system since its launch: 

The interface is easy to navigate, and the excel worksheet function is added too! That will make the calculation much easier.

I think the new functionality and presentation is intuitively designed as to be user friendly. Even on my 12″ MacBook the data I really need to see at any given time fits within the viewable screen area. The color scheme and font choices are modern and soothing to the eyes for long study sessions.

I like the way the correct and incorrect answers are displayed and that it gives you an “elapsed time” feature right above the question, for each question. That really helps in a way that you can evaluate how long you are spending on certain types of questions.

I like that the IPQs are now formatted to look more like the interface of the actual exam.  I think it is more user friendly, and gets the user more comfortable with the layout prior to the exam.  Also having DRS IPQs will be helpful going forward.

I think the IPQs are an incredibly valuable resource for exam preparation, and these updates have made them even better.

I love having these options down here. Much cleaner!

I liked that the incorrect explanation and correct explanation were right next to each other. It makes it easier to compare and see where you went wrong. I also appreciated the option to answer only questions you’ve skipped.

The functionality of the tax form is pretty awesome.  Nice work team!

It looks awesome!  It’s very inviting, and feels high tech….while still adhering to the actual CPA Exam layout.  Nice work!

Love that students can now select the filter, “Show me only questions I haven’t answered before.

I like that the quiz is more like the CPA Exam. I no longer have to time myself for 45 mins per 30 q’s. I also enjoyed the drop down bar at the top of the screen to choose between different courses. I prefer the layout.

The interface is easy to navigate”. Also, the option of switching on and off “grade as you go” during the practice exam is nice. I also like the elimination of the gray bar on the bottom because the screen looks cleaner without the obvious gray bar at the bottom.

We will continue to listen to our students in order to provide the very best CPA Exam preparation to ensure their success in passing the CPA Exam.

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